Long Island, located east of Manhattan, in the southeast part of New York, has a population of 7,568,304, according to the 2010 Census. The North Shore of Long Island has been a major residential area for middle and upper class residents. Three major school districts, Jericho, Syosset, and Cold Spring Harbor are ranked as top schools in the United States. In past 10 years, the area has attracted more and more new comers with diverse backgrounds to settle down.

Lex Realty is one of the oldest real estate firms in the North Shore of Long Island. Over the past 50 years, Lex Realty has been keeping up with real estate market trends and adjusting its strategies to better serve customers no matter it is upturn or down turn. Today, still actively represented in the communities, Lex Realty, has a diverse sales team to serve customers with different cultural backgrounds.

Lex Realty has been a trusted real estate office for many years. We have had many achievements and will continue to have more. Trusting us will mean a better, easier, and safer, way of going into the real estate market.

Lex is:

  • First Real Estate Office in Syosset
  • First office to thrive for 48 years and still growing
  • First and only CRB owned and operated Real estate office on the North Shore in Nassau
  • First in Technology: First on the World Wide Web with www.lexjim.com
  • First computerized Slide Show Presentation


The First Office To Offer these In-House Extras:

  • We are Builders
  • We are Interior Decorators
  • We do Engineer & Termite Reports
  • We arrange for CO’s, Variances, and Permits
  • We offer every home a One Year Home Warranty
  • We have, combined, over 200 years of Residency.