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Homes for Sale in Syosset are in Nassau County on Long Island, which is the southern most part of New York State. With a central location providing easy access to New York City, some of the nation’s best beaches, and many area attractions, Syosset is an ideal place to live for anyone.

Syosset has grown into a lovely suburb over the past 200 years. The town population is approximately 38,000, with over 8,500 families. Many businesses are investing in the area, and it is becoming a choice town to live in.

More About Homes for Sale in Syosset

The town is split into two sections, North and South Syosset. The Long Island Rail Road bisects the town, which has several stores including a Deli, many banks, pharmacies, hardware shops, gas stations, salons, a variety store, and many other places of business. Located immediately south of the tracks at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Ira Road is LEX Realty.

Syosset has three fire stations, a hospital, a police station, and several auxiliary stations.. Fast food, gourmet restaurants, service stations, a movie theater, many public parks, and a public library can also be found here.

The heavily forested hills south of Oyster Bay were among the lands used for hunting by Matinecock Indians during the hundreds of years before European settlers arrived. It was too far from the shore to serve as a settlement for Indians, but occasional discoveries of arrowheads are indicators that Indians used the woods. Indeed, the name Syosset may come from the Indian word Suwasset, which means “place in the pines.” Syosset was included in Robert Williams’ 1648 land purchase from the Matinecocks. The Quaker farmers who settled in nearby Jericho, didn’t venture that far north, and early Dutch settlers in Oyster Bay didn’t climb into the hills for some time. Eventually, some Dutch families did clear land in the mid-1700s, and a small, isolated farming community was established. By 1824, a few businesses, including a small hotel, made up Syosset’s core.

Turning Point:
Syosset was connected to the rest of the world in 1854, when the Long Island Rail Road built a spur north from Hicksville. The access to New York agriculture markets attracted more farmers to the area, and a commercial district formed around the train station. A post office was established in 1855. Farming remained the dominant trade until shortly before World War II, when the community’s larger population triggered an expansion of the business district on Jackson Avenue. After the war, the housing shortage made it profitable for farmers to sell out to developers.

Giving the Slip:
On those rare occasions when Theodore Roosevelt wanted to give well-wishers the slip when he returned to Sagamore Hill in Cove Neck, he would take the train to Syosset instead of Oyster Bay, and ride his horse home through the woods.

Queen Amidala:
Natalie Portman went to one of the finest high school in Long Island. She graduated with honors from Syosset High School in 1999, going on to great success in movies such as Star Wars.

Alfred E. Newman Slept Here:
Mad magazine cartoonist Mort Drucker lived in Syosset.

Where to Find More:
“Looking Back on Syosset” by Patricia Tunison, published 1975.

“Images of America” by Tom Montalbano, published 2001 Arcadia Publishing. ISBN 073850906X


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